Choosing the right mop for the job

A lot of people might be quietly surprised by the sheer number of times mops have failed them. Often times you religiously mop multiple times a day but when you take a tissue and swipe after you might find dust and dirt still clinging on to the floor. Hence, choosing the right mop is vital to ensure you get all of the stains out. The type of floor and the nature of the dirt or stain determines the mop essentially.

If you use the wrong mop for any type of floor cleaning then you are going to bring upon yourself multiple issues. For starters you are going to potentially ruin the mop which is ineficient in itself but also means that you are going to be continuously replacing that mop – and this can becmoe expesive. Secondly, if you are using the wrong type of mop then you are not going to be cleaning the floor or other surface efficiently. Again this means that the cleaning is going to take you much longer than it normally should do and also you are not going to have a very clean floor when you are finished anyway. This makes cleaning with the wrong type of mop a real waste of time and it also means that spending that extra effort in the beginning by doing some research in order to find the best type of mop for the job, is going to be time well spent.

The most expensive type of mops are the microfiber mops which you can use on pretty much any flowing. These mops are gentle on the tiles so that lines do not appear. These are easy to be cleaned too. If you have a detachable head you can simple use the laundry to clean these mops.

Get a microfiber mop is you want to wash the walls too. They are extremely light weight. If your house is large you can make use of light weight items to get the best results. When you do use the laundry to clean these types of mops avoid using bleach, softeners and high heat as they can easily destroy the mop.

The good old cotton mop is ideal for fluids alone. They can soak up very large quantities of water or other liquids. They are extremely ineffective when dealing with stubborn stains. A common mistake is to apply too much pressure on stains and break the mop.

If you have heavy jobs and need versatility to clean rough stains as well as absorb a lot of water then buy blended mops. These are the stitched mops that can be laundered for a limited time and then thrown away. Typically if you work in a restaurant and have a lot of stuff to clean then this must be the mop for you.

If you have a mosaic or concrete floor you can make sure of a blended mop straight away. Microfiber mops can be very ineffective in these situations. Also if you are dealing with ceramic or tiled floors, try to buy a squeegee and remove water before you mop.

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